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Every gorgeous Saree or Lehenga deserves a lovely blouse…. Make Heads Turn with these Styles!

You just woke up from bed and the phone rang.  Your mother is very excited! Her Dilli Wali cousin’s Beti is getting married and she has invited you too!

You looked at the calendar. It’s just the beginning of December. Friend’s Wedding, Cousin’s Sangeet , Colleague’s Cocktail Party…December matlab wedding season!  Shaadi, more Shaadi and a whole of Masti!

We can easily relate to your excitement. And, why not? A wedding celebration involving your near and dear ones, definitely calls for a treat!

But … My God … So many weddings on the card and so little time?

Now, you will be running to the tailor to get the Katrina Kaif’s  floral sangeet look in Baar Baar Dekho.

Or, go on a shopping frenzy if you prefer to wear something as unique as  Sonam Kapoor.  Because it is the lovely ethinc wear that makes the wedding season fashion perfect!

Time to look every bit traditional. Every bit gorgeous. As beautiful as the bride.

Time to choose the greatest fabrics, colours  and embroideries.

In fact, the traditional and gorgeous Banarasis, Kanjivarams and lehengas is always held in high esteem when it comes to the wedding season.

But looking traditional and beautiful is definitely not your only aim? You may be shy or bold, but you want to look as modern as the bride?

So, no matter what jewellery you put on … no matter what traditional saree you wear … you can always bring a fashionable twist to your look with really stylish-looking blouses. A designer blouse is the best accessory, without which your saree or lehenga  would remain incomplete.

But… Wait … if you are still going for the same old… same old blouse designs!!??

Noooo… Not anymore!

Because it’s time to break up with the sweet hearts, the V- Neck  or the rectangle blouse designs .

Here are some of the hottest trends in blouse designs straight off the runway, to oh-so-pretty!

The Winged Wonders

You’ve just reached the wedding venue. Find girls, young and old singing, dancing and making merry. You also find a mixture of subtle and stunning colours.

You just remembered that you have a lovely lehenga inside your bag. And you surely did not want go for the same old choli style with a net Dupatta?

So, when the Bua pulls you inside and asks you to change yourself to be part of the joy, you wanted to give wings to your dreams. But how?

If you belong to the world of fantasy…we give you wings. Our winged wonders with that extra flutter is sure to add some element and drama to your lehenga. Gorgette, Chiffon, Crepe & Silk make the bell-sleeved blouse affair more attractive.  Pull off the vivid prints and sexy hemlines with the right amount grace and confidence and create a lasting impression in the Mehendi function.

Classic Round Shapes

Taken a short nap? Now, getting ready to hit the dance floor?

Of Course!  It’s the Sangeet after all!

Being the bride’s guest with all the family drama is tough? Isn’t it?

During such a time, you need something that woes too?

So we have rounded an entirely new saree collection that will be a great choice for such functions.

And if you are much like some of us who can’t think going beyond classic round shapes – this one’s the perfect choice for you. These boat neck blouse designs with classic round shaped backs have something very charming, feminine and elegant about them. These simple window designs highlighted with sequins would perfectly suit the classic silks, draped in style.

Hot yet Cold for the Wedding Night

With so many functions finally coming down to the “Shaadi”, a really a trendy outfit can be quite a challenge.

But, if you are a Bollywood buff, and if you have carefully noticed the styles of Sonam Kapoor. Or followed fashion-forward ensembles of the peppy and pretty Alia, the Dulhaniya in Badrinath ki Dulhaniya. You can be absolutely sure of that one trend that is really Hot in this wedding season – the cold shoulder and off-shoulder saree blouses .

There is something cute and charismatic about these shoulders. A visit to the leading online ethnic  shopping destination of Indian Silk House Agencies, will give you  a plethora  of  cold & off shoulder blouse designs collection in the season’s most beautiful colours. Decorated with gold sequins, this  Indo-Western vibe if worn in style with a gorgeous lehenga, will give you a bubbly feeling.

How’s the idea of Peplum?

Who would have thought that a design that had surfaced during the 1800’s would be taking the fashion world by storm in this millennia! The peplum bobbed through the Western fashion scene in the 1930’s, 40’s and then again in the 80’s. However it has taken the Indian ethnic market by storm with saree blouses being given the petite peplum. The whole idea of this design is that it gives the illusion of a teeny weeny waist and a curvaceous hip. What’s not to love!

And if you want to go indo-western again for the reception, the idea of a peplum blouse with motifs near  the neck, paired with a trendy silk weave ; will look absolutely  stylish, unconventional and visually delightful!

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